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poppers strong for sale

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poppers Rush Ultra Strong

poppers RUSH ultra strong content: 9ml Real Rush is back! You kept asking, so here you have it: Rush Ultra Strong -...
14,50 €


poppers English 22 ml English is Anglo-Saxon countries it is a star. Ham between sausages. Such a chemical...
18,50 €
ok, you can take it


XTRA STRONG RED . Contents: 15 ml . The name says it all. This aroma metamorphoses you to a fuckingmaschine. But be...
16,50 €
ok, you can buy

poppers BERLIN

this is a new popper,  we send popper Berlin to Canada every day
20,50 €
ok, you can take it

popper PURE AMYL big

Bottle with extra large opening, very strong popper, after fifth destilationwe you can test very clean substantion...
21,50 €
sent next week

Radikal Alu 30

It's a new formula, 30 ml of isoamyl nitrite in alu bottle give nice poetry to your pen.
21,50 €
Out of stock


STOKE - 24ml pentylnitrite
19,50 €
OK, take it!
This category contains samples of small poppers, big poppers, nitrites, cleaners. You can also buy poppers search using keywords such as: amyl, nitro, isopropyl, cyclo, hexyl alkyl. Do not give the word and nitrite poppers, they are all brands. The best poppers are from the famous manufacturer of PWD, which produces poppers for 40 years. traditional popper brand known for its strength and effect still retain outdated packaging to distinguish by not always povedených new species fight. Products containing iso-butylnitrite belonging to category "The best Nitrite Cleaners " not intended for consumers but for the industry. Descriptive texts with poppers brands, please take a marketing exercise rather than an objective description of the products.