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POPPERS MASK This new mask gives you...

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nitrite nitrate cleaners

nitrite nitrate cleaners

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RUSH liquid incense PWD

RUSH(R) LIQUID INCENSE(R)   contents 9 ml An absolute no 1.  RUSH is the most famous Poppers around the world. Rush...
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BLUE BOY small

BLUE BOY small Contents: 10 ml Completely new Poppers from Canada! Fresh and soft, coming up fast most effectively....
14,50 €
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popper PURE AMYL big

Bottle with extra large opening, very strong popper, after fifth destilationwe you can test very clean substantion...
21,50 €
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poppers REDS old

 Contains a very sexy contents. Hot and powerful! Keeps you passionate for the whole night.
13,50 €
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leather cleansers and liquid incenses containing iso-butylnitrit are intended for distribution only for industrial purposes.